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Amazes me how simple lines can make something so beautiful. The talent.

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AWW!! What a beautiful drawing, and such a cute baby!

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Portraits of Mark Ruffalo from the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Wonderful photo set of the dear Mark Ruffalo.

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Thoughts and ideas flow through his mind like a waterfall. {x}
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How to survive the Sherlock hiatus | EmilyJanesWorld

Hey there! A while back I made this lil’ video to help some Sherlockians survive the hiatus. And I though if there was any reason to promote my stuff this network would be it! 

- Emily x

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Love them!

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Backstage Pass


TITLE:  Backstage Pass


AUTHOR: hiddles-is-my-muse (i-wish-i-was-the-moon)

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Actor!Tom (Wheatland!Tom)

GENRE: smut / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Tom meets OFC at the backstage of Wheatland Music Festival, and gets to realize his groupie fantasy.

RATING: Mature (explicit sexual content)

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Straight-forward smut with some dirty talk and beer. My apologies for any mistakes, this was a patched work written on ipad. How do you explain to your family that you’ve got a smut related urgent writing thing going on…


I’ve got no idea how I did it, but here I am, backstage. Trying to look like I belong, I slowly walk around the small area that the festival has put up for the performers. I wonder where he is.


There he is. The unmistakable sound of his laughter is coming from the far corner of the VIP area. Glowing after his stint on stage, a wide smile splitting his face. There’s the confident stance, his faded jeans hugging those muscular thighs. He’s taken off the leather jacket and I see clearly the darker patch of fabric sticking to his skin, where his sweat has drenched the shirt.

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Tom’s performance at Wheatland was very inspiring ;)


Portrait for willamholmes who won my tumblr awards and basically requested Irene being hella :)

Prints here (cause I actually like it!)

Commissions are open!

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How physical is that [Loki] as a role?


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Robert Downey Jr will be the recipient of the 2014 Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film. Previous recipients include George Clooney, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Jeff Bridges.

So well-deserved. Congrats!

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bless this dork

He shouldn’t be allowed to look at a camera like that. Bye bye ovaries.


Benedict Cumberbatch Stencil


His hands are saying that he wants to hold her. His feet are saying that he wants to chase after her. He’s probably forgotten that I’m here, b e s i d e  h i m.


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My mind is a palace and I am the king

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