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In the Name of Sherlock and Marvel, we pray. The Ladies & Gentlemen Network (TLGN) will consist of blogs about all things Marvel and Sherlock. Other than that, we post/reblog our followers’ fan arts and fan fictions.

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It’s just weird that Little!Sherlock’s so chibi and Redbeard’s sooo… not.

Watercolor on paper.

This is just so adorable! Bravo to the artist. 


His dirty blond hair was slightly dampened by rain, making him look cute like a little boy than his sparkling eyes did. But his sharp cheekbones, strong nose and solid jaw said otherwise as he looked every inch of a man and could easily be the most attractive man inside this very restaurant. The phone inside his hand lit up as an incoming call rang through. Pressing the phone against his ear, his eyes never left mine until a flash of what seemed to be disappointment crossed his face, looking down towards the stained carpet. READ MORE HERE / WRITTEN BY tomcuddlesfic / ILLUSTRATIONS BY onebuttscratcher ++ MORE HERE 


What does everyone think of Benedict Cumberbatch’s wax figure? #cumberwax #benedictcumberbatch #cumberbatch #cumbercollective #madametussauds #madametussaudslondon




Overall lovely.. but perhaps the eyes…




i have found the ultimate avengers x sherlock crossover gif


Gavin will handle this one.


Channeling James Dean by Andy Gotts (x).


Sherlock: Sorry


Can you give it to them?


“Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming.”

good morning, and fuck you, sir

A Time and Place for Misbehavior

by sobeautifullyobsessed

So what if?

What might it be like if our hero had a bit too much to drink at a public forum, and babbled a bit on the podium? We would find it adorable of course, but how would he feel? Based loosely on Benedict’s acceptance speech at the 2014 British GQ Man of the Year Awards. There will be some lovely fluff, eventually.

Chapter 5 on AO3

"…Benedict was pointing out his favorite merlots and chardonnays, well stocked, clearly preparing her to make her choice.  She was trying hard to focus on the qualities he was extolling, only to realize a little guiltily, that her attention was too thoroughly divided to benefit from the lesson.  Anni was trying her best to digest the actual words, but she became distracted simply watching the divine curve of his lips, and the details of his fine articulation, inevitably reaching the most important question of the night so far:  how warm might his lips be in the kissing?

And the voice issuing from those lips?  Liquid velvet that caressed her ears, spreading its warmth down the base of her throat, cascading across the skin of her chest, flowing downward, ever downward, to regions she daren’t speak aloud.  Was ever a voice so purely, effortlessly sensual, yet unaware of its potent spell?   She knew it wasn’t only the effects of the tequila that had her thinking such, and that the attraction she was feeling towards him had to be mostly her own.  There’s trouble here, she thought, and I don’t think I want to avoid it after all.

Then she spotted the Dom Perignon…”

Chapters 1-5 on AO3


186/? the sign of three caps


Benedict Cumberbatch for Flaunt Magazine.



❝ But soon the other knights began
    to grow tired of his stories about
    how brave he was and how many
    dragons he’d slain, and some of
    them began to wonder…

                     Are Sir Boast-a-lot’s stories even true?

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